“Stromnetz”, Hamburg, Germany

Client Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH
Time 2019
Country Hamburg, Germany

Project target: Reconstruction of power networks, replacing of old power line communications with new

Company works / project contribution (works performed): Reconstruction of connection cables, 0.4kV cables and 10kV cable network in Hamburg. It includes digging of tranches, embedding of cables, dismantling of old cables and restoration of the streets and pavements.
Hamburg stands out with the fact that it started to rebuilt its power networks only now, making us one of the first firms to take part in the first-time renewal of these networks.

Challenges or problems solved: Main challenges were related to the fact that all technical documentation is in German. Also all communication with the municipality institutions were carried out in German. Members of the team had to be able to pass all information in order to work in line with the requirements of the customer and be able to adhere to all laws and regulations of Germany.

Project advantages, benefits: In the course of project all cables were changed to new, modern in the city. This will allow the residents to use electricity without technological disturbances.

Commentaries of project implementer: During the first days we had many unanswered questions but gaining experience we are confident with out ability to perform on the same level or even better than local companies.

Customer reviews: Customer complements the ability of the team to quickly adopt the works to it’s requirements and praises it’s successful cooperation with residents.

Other specifics, technologies or remarks: In the course of the project we mostly performed standard works and applied well-known technologies, but beyond the standard procedures we also performed the trench strengthening works, as trenches were kept open even for several months, which is not a standard practice in Latvia.