Construction of mobile network

Time 1998–2016
Country Latvia
Client Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, TELE 2, Bite Latvija
Involvement The mobile network construction

LEC has made a significant contribution to the construction of mobile network since the mobile connections began to enter the Latvian market, until today, when they have become an integral part of everyone’s daily life, as the technology develops. During almost 20 years LEC implemented several Turn-Key projects, where the full spectrum of construction works was carried out. LEC was responsible also for one of the most challenging tasks – legal transactions for acquisition of property rights of base stations. During the development of technical projects the public hearings were organised. Overall, from the construction of the foundations to the supply and assembly of the towers, over 350 communication towers were built. More than 600 base stations were built, installing antennas, base station equipment and station integration in the network. Constant dynamics characterize mobile network construction; this has allowed LEC to demonstrate its ability to tirelessly work on and solve non-standard situations.