Мешок добрых мыслей

Одна из основных ценностей SKONTO GROUP и LATVIJAS ENERGOCELTNIEKS – это люди. В течение нескольких лет накануне праздников для работников компании и их детей проводятся мероприятия, во время которых действуют различные творческие мастерские. На праздничном мероприятии, состоявшемся в конце 2020 года, наш Санта‑Клаус и его  команда гномов создавали особую праздничную атмосферу. Работники компании и члены их семей принимали активное участие в творческой мастерской «Мешок добрых мыслей», во время которой были созданы талантливые и душевные художественные работы. Эти произведения вдохновляют работников LEC и дарят им теплые чувства.

A Satchel of Good Thoughts

At SKONTO GROUP and LATVIJAS ENERGOCELTNIEKS, one of our greatest  values are people. For several years now, as the holiday season comes, we organise various activities and creative workshops for our employees and their children. This year, Santa Claus and his team of elves had to adapt their operations to bring joy to our homes. At the end of 2020, the company’s employees and their families participated in the campaign “A Satchel of Good Thoughts”, making happy and creative works of art which now continue to inspire the LEC team on a daily basis and remind us of the good in the world.

Sweden’s Largest Wind Farm

LEC has embarked on a project at Sweden’s largest wind power plant, laying 33kv cable lines more than 50 km and connecting the wind turbines to a substation – the first such project in the company’s history. Sweden’s largest wind farm is located in the country’s far north, with mountainous terrain made up of several layers of earth, which posed an extra work challenge. The works started in October 2019 and are projected to end in summer 2020. By embarking on this and other projects outside Latvia, the company continues to pursue its commitment to expand its scope of international projects, especially, in Scandinavia.

Limited liability company ‘’Latvijas Energoceltnieks’’ has entered the largest Latvian company TOP500

The top 500 of the largest Latvian companies is a daily newspaper business and an edition of inormation tecgnology company Lursoft IT.
Limited Liability Company Latvijas Energoceltnieks is experiencing strong growth in German growing broadband network installation market as well as in North European energy transmission markets. This will be the trend also in coming years.
Latvijas Energoceltnieks is one of the Skonto Group compamies listed in the db.lv TOP 500 which summarizes the largest companies in Latvia in terms of net turnover in 2018, as well as ranking by region and sector. SIA ‘’Latvijas Energoceltnieks’’ increasing its turnover by 7,31% from 2017, ranks 149th on the list with a turnover of 56,95 million euros. Cogratulations the company with good performance in 2018 and wish further growth.

The works on the construction of the 110 kV and 330 kV power transmission lines at the Skrunda section have been completed

In autumn 2018 “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” implemented the assembly works of the ADSS cable, which provides the construction of power transmission lines (PTL) in the 110 kV section Tume-Brocēni, the construction of 110 kV PTL in the section Brocēni-Rudbārži, as well as the construction of 330 kV PTL in the section Brocēni-Grobiņa”. The Agreement between “Merks” and “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” was signed in July 2018.

In general “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” implemented ADSS optical construction works in PTLs of the following length:

110 kV GL No. 151 Tume-Brocēni – 13 250 km

110 kV GL No. 155 Brocēni-Rudbārži – 2 359 km

330 kV GL No. 323 Brocēni-Grobiņa – 2 160 km

Within the project “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” implemented the development of a full technical solution, which included:

  • Informing of the land owners about the planned works;
  • Organisation of outages in the 330/110 kV network, and in the case of necessity in lines of lower voltage, to implement the assembly works of the ADSS optical cable;
  • Fixation of 110 kV reinforced concrete supports with additional bindings for the reinforced concrete intermediate supports to function as anchor type supports for the fixation of the ADSS cable;
  • After the assembly works the fixation works of the ADSS optical cable in the anchor supports and intermediate supports;
  • Construction of the ground optical cable between 110 kV overhead lines No. 151 Tume-Brocēni, No. 155 Brocēni-Rudbārži and 330 kV overhead lines No. 323 Brocēni-Grobiņa and fixation as support structures;
  • Assembly works of the connecting couplings;
  • Assembly works of the end couplings in the substation control room in communication devices.

In addition to the works to be implemented “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” also had to provide the coordination and location of the possible access roads, agreeing with state institutions, private land owners and legal land owners. Coordination was required, because the majority of 110 kV power transmission lines are not constructed along the roads and access locations, but quite the contrary – along fields, forests, swamped locations and other places, that are hard to reach.

During his regional work visit, Raimonds Vējonis visited the new building of the Rezekne Technical School’s Multifunctional Hall

On this year’s December 7 Raimonds Vējonis, the President of Latvia, came to Rezekne during his regional work visit where he met students and teachers from the Rezekne Technical School and experienced the premises of the Rezekne Technical School and the new building of the sports hall.

The ground floor of the new building will house a multifunctional hall, stage, dressing rooms, showers, toilet, and medical center; whereas the first floor will incorporate a hall, balconies, work premises of trainers, gym, and rooms for interest education.

In May 2017, a contract for the construction of the Multifunctional Hall at 11a Varonu Street, Rezekne was signed by LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” and Rezekne Technical School.

The project was implemented over the course of two stages. First stage – new building for the Rezekne Technical School’s Academic Studies and Food Studies Laboratory. Second stage – reconstruction, heat insulation and window replacement of the Rezekne Technical School’s Dormitory.

Currently final works are taking place – finishing of ceilings, walls, floors and staircases (painting, tiling, laying linoleum; the hall’s floor now has solid ash parquet), new protective railings and radiators are installed in the hall, as well as sinks with mixing faucets, toilet-bowls and shower mixing faucets and luminaires. The hall now has basketball hoop structures, game scoreboard and claiming ropes.

All construction works at the new building of the Rezekne Technical School are scheduled to be finished by 4th quarter of 2018.

Overall costs of the project: EUR 3,968,957.00, including funding from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of EUR 3,373,613.45 and State budget funding in the amount of EUR 595,343.55.

Works are continued on replacement of the existing reinforced concrete supports of 330 kV overhead power line

The contract on implementation of 1.872 million euros worth project, which involves replacement works of reinforced concrete supports of 330 kV overhead power line (OPL) in 330 kV OPL stage Salaspils – Viskaļi (Jelgava), and 330 kV OPL stage Viskaļi (Jelgava) – Siauliai, was concluded between JSC “Augstsprieguma tīkls” and LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” in July of this year.

The project necessity was substantiated with the fact, that the existing reinforced concrete supports of 330 kV OPL were technically deteriorated, and the said stages of OPL require reconstruction according to requirements of the effective regulatory enactments.

Within the project, LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” develops full technical solution, including:

  • Replacement of deteriorated supports along the power line, at the same time looking for the best solution to avoid complaints of owners of private land and ensure, that the performed works are economically beneficial;
  • Installation of new reinforcement, insulators and vibration dampers for supports;
  • Installation of double binding for insulators alongside main, regional and local roads;
  • Installation of anchor supports at the crossing with state main roads (A);
  • Installation of earthing devices for the new supports;
  • Fixing of supports in various types of soil.

Development of technical solution was commenced as soon as the parties agreed on conclusion of the contract, whereas works were commenced in September, and it is estimated, that the works will be completed by mid-December. The works have to be carried out at a specific time, when 330 kV OPL is disconnected from voltage. To complete the project until the specified deadline, operative decisions are taken and various non-standard problems are solved during certain power transmission overhead line outages.

LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” operates as the designer and constructor in one person; therefore, the company is able to provide the best solutions and innovations to its client, which significantly improves not only the quality of implemented works, but also construction solutions used by the company.

Latvijas Energoceltnieks, Ltd. is participating in the implementation of the European Regional Development Fund’s project “Improvement of Accessibility of Electronic Communications Infrastructure in Rural Areas”

Latvijas Energoceltnieks, Ltd. (LEC) is participating in the implementation of the European Regional Development Fund’s 46.7 million EUR project No. “Improvement of Accessibility of Electronic Communications Infrastructure in Rural Areas” which envisages connection of the current optical network infrastructure of the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre and construction of new interest connection points in Latgale.

The work on the project first started in July this year and includes installation of the communication ducting, assembly of the couplers, and optical cable blowing and assembly operations. The optical cable infrastructure set-up operations take place in Latgale, in the vicinities of Rezekne, between Naudaskalns and Gaigalava, including Rugaji and Lazdukalns as well.

The cable installation operations take place within the zone of the Latvian national roads, which significantly facilitates the access and driving to the facility, and additional bars for the drilling system are used during them to enable horizontally controlled drilling at distances up to 315 meters, thus facilitating access to many difficult-to-access locations.

With a great ceremony, the latest and most modern technical inspection station in Latvia opens its doors in Jelgava

As reported previously, the building design for the Road Traffic Safety Directorate’s station in Jelgava was developed by architect office “Arhis”, but the construction phase was carried out by LLC “Latvijas energoceltnieks”. The construction costs amounted to about 1.8 million euros. The cornerstone ceremony took place on 14th December 2017.

On Saturday, 22nd September, the new technical inspection station opened its doors in Jelgava with a great ceremony. Once the station was opened, the final this year’s Technical Inspection Night took place where free diagnostics were performed for 304 vehicles. The highest point of the evening was reached when technical inspection was performed for RAF (Rafiņš), a true legend of Jelgava; there were 18 thousand of these vehicles manufactured, showing that Jelgava is a true city of automotive industry.

Uldis Augulis, the Minister of Transportation, addressed the public by saying: “Today we open in Jelgava the most modern technical inspection station in Latvia, which is also the largest station in the region. The station is so spacious that it can be used not only by people from Jelgava but also from surrounding areas and districts. Convenient, spacious, and up-to-date – these words best describe the new station.”

Andris Lukstiņš, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate: “The moment is finally here when people from Jelgava can rejoice because Jelgava station has doubled its previous size in order to make the technical inspection more convenient and accessible. Instead of the previous two technical inspection lines, the new station will have four lines – allowing us to service larger number of vehicles.”

In the attendance of the opening of the station there was Andris Rāviņš, the Mayor of Jelgava, as well as management team of “Auteko TUV Latvija” and TUV Rheinland”.

For the first time in Jelgava – Technical Inspection Night

Once the station was opened, the Technical Inspection Night took place in Jelgava for the first time attracting large number of drivers. During the event the Road Traffic Safety Directorate offered free vehicle diagnostics and general public was welcomed to witness the convenience and spaciousness of the new station.

Although the day took off rainy, weather conditions improved hour-by-hour. At the beginning of the event rain was completely gone which allowed people to enjoy the Technical Inspection Night. During the sole this year’s Technical Inspection Night in Semigallia, specialists checked 304 vehicles and found major or minor defects in 71% of vehicles. People in Jelgava were truly interested in the event which is shown by the fact that 71 drivers had come to the Technical Inspection Night to actually carry out technical inspection for their vehicles.

The most often defects are associated with breakage and suspension systems as well as inadequate lights. The oldest vehicle for which free diagnostics was performed was Lada (Žigulītis) manufactured back in 1971; the average age of vehicles at the event was 16 years.

(Material taken from csdd.lv publication)

Partial replacement of the Kegums hydroelectric power plant’s water spillway shutter

Since its creation in 1939, Daugava’s oldest hydroelectric power plant has been an important source of renewable energy in the country. The replacement of the Kegums hydroelectric power plant’s 6th and 7th span shutters was carried out to increase safety of the dam.

The two existing 80 m wide valve type shutters were replaced with eight new vertical shutters. Their distance control is implemented from the Kegums HES2 control panel, which allows the opening of each shutter to be individually adjusted. In the maximum closing position, the upper edge of the shutter is located on the 33.25 m mark, which provides protection against water splashing over them. The main task of the technical solution, which was successfully resolved at the design stage, was to prevent a reduction in water flow capacity, which is expected when increasing the number of shutters four times. As a result, the total flow ability of eight new shutters after rebuilding is 3280 m3/s. Alongside the increased safety, the benefits of new shutters are reduced operating costs and the ability to operate them at particularly low environmental temperatures.

Janis Sprogis,
Head of the Energy construction at SIA “Latvijas Energoceltnieks”

Our company has experience in the foreign energy, construction and communications market, and we appreciate the opportunity to apply our knowledge in ambitious renewal projects for Latvia’s energy infrastructure.