Latvijas Energoceltnieks first work on 400 kV overhead power line

Latvijas Energoceltnieks is proud of its participation in the construction of new 400kV overhead power line.

A completely new 400kV overhead power line has been installed, establishing a connection between Lithuania and Poland. Latvijas Energoceltnieks performed pulling of conductors (3 conductors per phase ), installation of spacers and dumpers and connection of conductors in loops of tension towers. The total length of the installed route – 10.896 km.

Until now 330kV power lines were used for the power transmission in electrical networks of the Baltic countries.

The work was carried out in the time period from 7 September, 2015 till 30 October, 2015.

The company gained invaluable experience, enhancing its capacity and strenghtening its position in the market for participation in new projects.