Works are continued on replacement of the existing reinforced concrete supports of 330 kV overhead power line

The contract on implementation of 1.872 million euros worth project, which involves replacement works of reinforced concrete supports of 330 kV overhead power line (OPL) in 330 kV OPL stage Salaspils – Viskaļi (Jelgava), and 330 kV OPL stage Viskaļi (Jelgava) – Siauliai, was concluded between JSC “Augstsprieguma tīkls” and LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” in July of this year.

The project necessity was substantiated with the fact, that the existing reinforced concrete supports of 330 kV OPL were technically deteriorated, and the said stages of OPL require reconstruction according to requirements of the effective regulatory enactments.

Within the project, LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” develops full technical solution, including:

  • Replacement of deteriorated supports along the power line, at the same time looking for the best solution to avoid complaints of owners of private land and ensure, that the performed works are economically beneficial;
  • Installation of new reinforcement, insulators and vibration dampers for supports;
  • Installation of double binding for insulators alongside main, regional and local roads;
  • Installation of anchor supports at the crossing with state main roads (A);
  • Installation of earthing devices for the new supports;
  • Fixing of supports in various types of soil.

Development of technical solution was commenced as soon as the parties agreed on conclusion of the contract, whereas works were commenced in September, and it is estimated, that the works will be completed by mid-December. The works have to be carried out at a specific time, when 330 kV OPL is disconnected from voltage. To complete the project until the specified deadline, operative decisions are taken and various non-standard problems are solved during certain power transmission overhead line outages.

LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” operates as the designer and constructor in one person; therefore, the company is able to provide the best solutions and innovations to its client, which significantly improves not only the quality of implemented works, but also construction solutions used by the company.