The multifunctional service building construction Pilssala

The multifunctional service building serves the needs of Alūksne Municipal Agency “ALJA”

The building includes three main groups of premises:

  1. Office space – workspace with a conference rooms, manager’s office, WC, shower, service room and garage
  2. Public space – WC for visitors and WC for visitors with disabilities, locker room and shower
  3. Lease space – lease space with service rooms and WC


  • Laying monolith reinforced concrete foundation, walls and coverings
  • Construction of the operational roof, allowing the roof to be used as a viewing platform for visitors, as well as platform for judges and safety personnel
  •  Construction of HPL slabs and glass façade
  • Interior finishing works – tiling, painting, installation of HPL plates
  • Construction of internal and external engineering networks – electricity, low current network, water supply, heating, ventilation
  • Landscaping – adjacent concrete and wooden plan terraces, multi-level seating area, a lake deck constructed from concrete pontoons and wooden piles, paved paths, greenery

Construction of Stage 3 of power line “Kurzemes loks” commences

On 27 July 2017, the first supports for the “Kurzemes loks” power line were erected in Dundaga region to commence the third stage of the project commissioned by “Augstsprieguma tīkls” AS.

Construction of the Ventspils – Tume – Imanta high-voltage transmission line with the total capacity of 330 kV has been launched in Dundaga, Talsi, Kandava and Tukums municipalities, while the project development and coordination is taking place in other sections. All work within the framework of the project should be completed in 2019. The total length of the 330 kV line is 214.3 kilometres and the cost is 127 million EUR, 55 million of which is provided by co-financing of the European Union.

“Latvijas Energoceltnieks” Ltd. currently employs approximately 100 people in the transmission line section from Ventspils to Valdemārpils branch-off. The work included preparation of the route, geological research at the locations of supports, geodesic engineering work, construction of support foundations, assembly of support metal structures and relocation of crossing low-voltage and medium-voltage overhead lines underground, among other tasks.

LEC sections:

Route length in section Dundaga-Valdemārpils branch-off – 18.7 km (54 supports)
Route length in section Ventspils-Dundaga – 48.5 km (139 supports)
Route length in section Talsi-Kandava – 23.9 km (75 supports)
Route length in section Lielupe crossing 330kV – 3.3 km (11 supports)
Route length at Dzintari connection – 1.0 km (4 supports)
Route length in section Priedaine-Imanta 330kV – 10.5 km (37 supports)
Total volume of LEC – 105.9 km (320 supports)

More information is available in the 27 July report at the link below:

Ikskiles Secondary school is “Celebration of Fireflies”

In the 28 of June the “Celebration of Fireflies” was held for the ell of Iksciles secondary school, with the participation of “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” Ltd and local municipality representatives. In Latvian traditions, this celebration represents the moment when most of the construction work is done and the construction itself enters the next phase.

In his speech, the Chairman of the county council, Indulis Trapiņš, showed his gratitude to “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” Ltd for successful cooperation in realizing this project and stated that the builder is key to solving timely tasks associated with construction. “This is a special project because we are building here, for the kids. This is the place, where the children of Ikšķile will get their education.”

The Executive Director of the municipality, Juris Rudens, stated that the work needed to realize the ell of this school is being done in a professional manner and all problems are being handled in a timely manner. “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” Ltd Chairman of the Board Didzis Vītols emphasized that they have a reason for being happy for the work what is done because the “flower crown has been put on”. But when going forward, in the name of his company, he promises that the result will be one that the municipality can be proud of.

In the 22 September of the year 2016 the municipality of Ikšķile signed a contract with construction company “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” Ltd (LEC) for realization of project “Ikšķile secondary school reconstruction”, and in the 13 April of 2017, in Ikšķiles secondary school new elementary school building a time capsule containing a message for the generations to come was built in.

Source: County of Ikšķile.

Time capsule embedded in foundation of Ikšķiles high School

April 13, 2017 – was a historic day for both SIA „Latvijas Energoceltnieks” and Ikšķiles County, a time capsule for future generations was embedded in foundation of Ikšķiles high school.

During the ceremony the message was signed by mayor of Ikškiles county Indulis Trapiņš and site manager of SIA „Latvijas Energoceltnieks” Edijs Ramiņš. Along with a message for future generations, edition of newspaper “Ikšķiles Vēstis” with a published article about construction of Ikšķile High School, as well as euro coin decorated with Latvian symbol – nation’s daughter Milda.

To provide advanced learning environment for all students, Municipality of Ikšķile signed a contract with the construction company SIA “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” for implementation of a project “Reconstruction of Ikšķile high school”.

Implementation of the project is also a symbolic gift to schools 50 years anniversary.

During reconstruction works a new annex with three floors will be built for a primary school. The new part of the school will hold 16 classrooms, including music and science cabinet, teacher’s room, conference room, technical room, gym and spacious wardrobes in the basement.

It’s a great honor for SIA” Latvijas Energoceltnieks” to participate in this project. Site manager Edijs Ramiņš added: “In 25 years’ time since establishing our company, we have built a lot of schools in various Latvian municipalities, but rarely have we encountered such a welcoming attitude from all the involved sides – municipally, school management and also general public of Ikšķile County. This positive attitude will certainly contribute to the quality of works. I wish the new building has a long life so that no one would ever find time capsule that’s embedded in foundation of the building.“

Riga InternationaRiga International Airport – reconstruction of business waiting halll Airport – reconstruction of business waiting hall

“Latvijas Energoceltnieks” has commenced the reconstruction work of the existing airport`s business waiting hall into a public passenger area with the space of 824 m2

The work includes:

  • Dismantling and transfer of the existing passport control area (borders) to the North terminal
  • Reconstruction of the 3rd floor office premises at the North terminal into a business class waiting hall with the space of 866 m2
  • Construction of new stairs between the 2nd and 3rd floors, and the extension of the elevator one floor higher
  • Reconstruction of the internal engineering nets according to the new premise layout

The airport`s operation during the reconstruction work is not being interrupted, and the work is scheduled to be completed in May 2017.

A new biofuel cogeneration plant at Vestienas 2, Riga

“Latvijas Energoceltnieks” has commenced the construction of a new biofuel cogeneration plant with the electrical capacity of 4.4 MWe and the thermal capacity of 20 MW.

The new cogeneration plant is designed with the heat boiler of 24 MWth heat capacity and the efficiency coefficient – 88.11 %. The boiler is manufactured by the Danish company “Justsen Energiteknik”. The produced steam is supplied to the steam turbine of the Romanian production “General Turbo”, which, in turn, drives the electric generator, producing the electricity.

The steam produced by the turbine is supplied to the heat exchanger, which heats up the water in the district heating network of Riga that ensures the heat supply for city`s buildings. The remaining steam is condensed and supplied to the boiler, ensuring uninterrupted water circulation.

For the fuel storage purposes closed woodchip storage with 8m high reinforced concrete walls shall be built.

The new biofuel cogeneration plant will ensure:

  • More efficient use of fuel
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Lower energy production costs
  • Reduction of heat losses
  • Promotion of regional development, using local fuel.

3rd stage of „Kurzeme Ring” engineering and construction to be performed by partnership “LEC, RECK un Empower”

The procurement contract for the engineering and construction of the 3rd stage of high-voltage power transmission line “Kurzeme Ring” announced by JSC “Augstsprieguma tīkls” has been awarded to the general partnership “LEC, RECK un Empower”, with SIA “LEC” as the leading contractor.

In 2016 it is planned to develop the engineering and at present the following activities are on-going:

  • Route marking;
  • Development of support structures;
  • Support layout planning along the route;
  • Preparation of technical design content and submission to municipalities;
  • Commencement of geological research.

“Kurzeme Ring” is a power infrastructure project, within the frames of which a 330 kV OH high-voltage power transmission line in the Western part of Latvia shall be built in order to eliminate the up to now missing connection capacity in Kurzeme. In line with the “Kurzeme Ring” power transmission line development and construction, “Augstsprieguma tīkls” will also modernize the substations “Sloka”, “Dzintari” and “Priedaine”, and the inlets of existing OH lines or connections in Jūrmala. A research is being performed on the necessity for construction of new substations in Dubulti and Vaivari, and for capacity increase in Priedaine as well, in order to satisfy the growing demand and guarantee safe power supply.

The commencement of the construction work is planned for the beginning of 2017.

The project implementation end date is planned for July 2019.

Reconstruction of Riga Hydro power plant (HPP) – rotor of first hydro power unit transferred to the erection site

On 31st May the biggest part of the hydro power unit No. 1 – generator rotor (350 tons) – was lifted out and placed on the erection bay for its reconstruction process. Latvijas Energoceltnieks Ltd. took an active participation in the process.

At the moment the dismantling process of Riga HPP unit No.1 is on-going, with all the main equipment being lifted out from the turbine pit for restoration work.

It is planned that the following reconstruction work will be performed at Riga HPP hydro power units – replacement of hydro-turbines, replacement of generator stators, as well as rotor pole insulation and full restoration  of the station control system.  The reconstruction scope for each unit is different.  This type of reconstruction is a very complicated process that requires high level of accuracy. The work is performed, using the latest technologies in order to achieve the best result – a successful, competitive operation of Riga HPP in the energy system and free electricity market.

The reconstruction of all 6 hydro power units is needed, as all units are technically outdated and their efficiency drops behind the current requirements.  It shall be underlined that the performance schedule for hydro power unit reconstruction is complicated: the repair work can only be done between flooding periods and it is essential to note that only one unit can be restored per year. The work completion is planned by the 1st April 2022. The reconstruction of hydro power units is carried out under the investment program of JSC “Latvenergo”.

Riga HPP has been in operation since 1974. The station comprises 6 hydro power units with the total capacity of  402 MW – the target of the reconstruction work is to restore the outdated equipment, increasing their operational safety and considerably raising the HPP efficiency. After the reconstruction Riga HPP will produce approx. for 20 GWh more energy per year than it was done until now (it corresponds to the annual consumption of an average-size town of Latvia).

Main activities of reconstruction project:

  • reconstruction of Riga HPP hydro power units No. l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6;
  • improvement of technical and economical parameters, raising the efficiency coefficient of hydro power units;
  • improvement of hydro power unit accessibility and operational safety;
    reduction of operational costs and extension of the period between the repairs of units;
  • elimination of potential risks in order to avoid environmental pollution with oil.

(from the publication on website

SIA „Latvijas Energoceltnieks” has commenced huge reconstruction works in five substations

The project work comprises the reconstruction of 110kV and 400kV equipment, which significantly will improve the efficiency of power supply

  • Substation Ventspils 110kV
  • Substation Viskaļi 110kV
  • Substation Isokankaan 400kV (Finland)
  • Substation Bolderāja 2
  • Substation Daugavpils, reconstruction of 10kV and 20 kV switchgear units

The new, updated equipment, as well as the technical solutions will comply with the growing requirements of the energy industry and the environment. As a result of the investments, the interruptions in the power supply will be reduced and simultaneously the safety of power supply process will be strengthened, thus the growing consumer requirements towards the energy quality will be met.

Job shadowing at Latvijas Energoceltnieks

On this day Rodrigo Gruntmanis, the 12th class student of Kuldiga Centre Secondary school, was given an opportunity to spend the day in the working environment of Latvijas Energoceltnieks and learn what could a regular workday look like, if he would choose to study the engineering sciences.

During the job shadowing the young man had the excursion around the office of Latvijas Energoceltnieks and was introduced to the administrative staff – department directors, project managers and other office personnel. Rodrigo was also given a chance to participate in a project meeting, see the company`s machinery and vehicles, so he would have a conception of how wide is the activity field of Latvijas Energoceltnieks.

Latvijas Energoceltnieks is proud that it had the opportunity to welcome the determined young man and show him the wide work specifics of engineering sciences, as well as the variety of the responsibilities.