Reconstruction of Riga Hydro power plant (HPP) – rotor of first hydro power unit transferred to the erection site

Reconstruction of Riga Hydro power plant (HPP) – rotor of first hydro power unit transferred to the erection site

On 31st May the biggest part of the hydro power unit No. 1 – generator rotor (350 tons) – was lifted out and placed on the erection bay for its reconstruction process. Latvijas Energoceltnieks Ltd. took an active participation in the process.

At the moment the dismantling process of Riga HPP unit No.1 is on-going, with all the main equipment being lifted out from the turbine pit for restoration work.

It is planned that the following reconstruction work will be performed at Riga HPP hydro power units – replacement of hydro-turbines, replacement of generator stators, as well as rotor pole insulation and full restoration  of the station control system.  The reconstruction scope for each unit is different.  This type of reconstruction is a very complicated process that requires high level of accuracy. The work is performed, using the latest technologies in order to achieve the best result – a successful, competitive operation of Riga HPP in the energy system and free electricity market.

The reconstruction of all 6 hydro power units is needed, as all units are technically outdated and their efficiency drops behind the current requirements.  It shall be underlined that the performance schedule for hydro power unit reconstruction is complicated: the repair work can only be done between flooding periods and it is essential to note that only one unit can be restored per year. The work completion is planned by the 1st April 2022. The reconstruction of hydro power units is carried out under the investment program of JSC “Latvenergo”.

Riga HPP has been in operation since 1974. The station comprises 6 hydro power units with the total capacity of  402 MW – the target of the reconstruction work is to restore the outdated equipment, increasing their operational safety and considerably raising the HPP efficiency. After the reconstruction Riga HPP will produce approx. for 20 GWh more energy per year than it was done until now (it corresponds to the annual consumption of an average-size town of Latvia).

Main activities of reconstruction project:

  • reconstruction of Riga HPP hydro power units No. l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6;
  • improvement of technical and economical parameters, raising the efficiency coefficient of hydro power units;
  • improvement of hydro power unit accessibility and operational safety;
    reduction of operational costs and extension of the period between the repairs of units;
  • elimination of potential risks in order to avoid environmental pollution with oil.

(from the publication on website www.latvenergo.lv)