Distribution network Sadales tīkls plc

Client Sadales tīkls plc
Time 2014–2016
Investment The substation installation, cable installation, transformer reconstruction
Country Latvia

The client, Sadales tīkls plc, is the main grid maintainer and developer in Latvia. It provides the power supply to over one million of customer objects, covering 99% of the state territory. To build high-quality external networks of power supply and to improve the reliability and quality of power supply to customers, LEC continuously worked for several years in many objects belonging to Sadales tīkls.
LEC installed 39 compact transformer substations, constructed 159,297 m low voltage cable lines, 54, 072 m medium voltage cable lines and 44,958 m overhead medium voltage lines. Also 31 transformer points were reconstructed.
All works were carried out under strict quality and safety control, and without forgetting the end user. Low voltage works were carried out under electric tension, thus shortening the time when consumers were not supplied with electricity.