East-west rail corridor

Client SIA Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Baltics
Time 2009–2012
Investment Construction of cable lines, installation of alarm systems
Country Latvia

The first stage of modernization of the railway communications and alarm systems infrastructure in Latvia was a massive project that took place in the railway sections-Stende Ventspils, Jelgava-Krustpils, Naujene-Indra. LEC was intensively involved in this project, and was responsible for construction of optical and copper communication cable lines, 20 KV power cable lines and in-field installation of alarm systems: signals, track circuits, the heating system of the switches, automatics on level crossings, relay automatics, axle counters, etc.
LEC team’s contribution to this project cannot be overestimated. Maintaining high standards of quality, in less than two years cable networks in total length of more than 3000 km were built. In the most intense period of the project, while the construction of the signalling infrastructure in 8¬-12 railway stations took place, more than 250 employees of LEC worked at the same time. It should be noted the successful planning and organization of the works, as during the construction process the operation of the railway was not interrupted.