Imanta TEC 1

Client AS Latvijas elektriskie tīkli
Time 2011–2012
Investment Construction of 330 kV cable and optical cable
Country Latvia

From substation Imanta to substation TEC-1 a new 330 kV cable line was constructed. Within the project LEC conducted geo-engineering-survey of territory in Daugava water area, trenchless horizontal drilling in the Daugava crossing, construction of 330 kV cables and optical cable ducts, 330 kV cable connection caps and the construction of optical cable connection cap wells, installation of 330 kV cables and optical cables, as well as the construction of 330 kV cable connection and optical cable connection caps.
The biggest challenge during the project, which confirmed the professionalism and skills of LEC, was the crossing of Daugava – construction of ducts, installation of 330 kV cables and optical cables. Approximate total length of Daugava crossing using trenchless techniques – horizontal drilling – was 740 m. The total length of the track construction was 2,200 m.