Krievu island

Client Freeport of Riga Authority, Baltijas Būvnieks Ltd
Time 2012–2015
Companies Skonto Būve, LEC
Country Latvia
Involvement General contractor, cable line conversion, electrical and engineering networks

The main objective in the development of infrastructure in Krievu island was transfer of the port activities, such as bulk handling, away from the areas close to the historical centre of Riga, to reduce negative effects of reloading operations on the environment.
In this project, Skonto Būve was the main contractor. Around 80 hectares of marshy area were cleared up and four piers built, as well as the transitional section between the newly built and existing piers, nearly 1.5 km in length.
In the process of dredging and sluicing of Daugava river bed almost three million m3 of soil were displaced; access and sorting rail tracks built in total length of 12 km. The building of the deep-water piers and construction of the necessary infrastructure contributed to the international competitive strength of Riga port, further development of the terminals and thus to the country’s economic growth as a whole.
LEC was in charge of the rebuilding of 110 kV overhead lines L-257 to 110 kV cable lines (track length L = 1,3km), construction of the electrical equipment of ship shore connection 2x 2,2 MW 6,6 kV, A/S distribution network 10 / 0.4 kV engineering network, construction of lighting and traffic lights for road and railway crossings. A particular challenge was the methodology of load tests for Shore Box equipment and its practical execution – a special module was set up in order to simulate a ship load of 6.6 kV 2 MW.
First ShoreBoxTM set up in the Baltic Sea region.