Reconstruction of Riga HPP hydropower units

Client GE Renewable Energy, previously ALSTOM
Time 2016 – 2022

From April 2016 until March 2022, LLC “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” performs the refurbishing and reconstruction works of hydropower units in Riga HPP.

In the period until 11 October 2016, the object received the best operating protection audit evaluation that comprised 87.2% of the tested 34 objects.

Although this project is complicated, large-scale and demands fulfilment of high occupational safety, environmental and quality requirements from the client, involving many specialists of various fields, this is also a new experience for the employees of LEC in working with foreign companies and 3 D laser measurement device “Laser Tracker” and planning of works with “Last Planner System” software’s.

In frame of the project, “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” performed the following works:

  • Dismantling of hydropower units;
  • Replacement of turbine and stator;
  • Refurbishing of distributor;
  • Replacement of operating wheel chamber;
  • Renovation of turbine cover;
  • Reconstruction of thrust bearing;
  • Replacement of segments;
  • Renovation of engine;
  • Replacement of poles;
  • Replacement of technical water system;
  • Replacement of units management and oil management system;
  • Replacement of electronic primary and secondary systems;
  • Construction works;
  • Renovation/painting of repaired parts;
  • Assembling of hydropower units;
  • Assembling of renovated and supplied new parts;
  • Regulation and tests of hydropower units.