SIA „STREK” Universal general cargo and bulk cargo handling complex in the Riga Commercial Port, Krievu Island, 25 Zilā Street

Client JSC "A.C.B."
Time 2017-2018

Project target: Moving of the SIA „STREK” coal handling operations from Andrejsala to Krievu Island.

Company works / project contribution (works performed): Construction of 10 kV power line – 7000 m delivery and assembling of power transformers 10/0.4 2×1000 kVa – 3 sets, moving of the existing lighting poles H=28m  – 3 sets, construction and moving of the 0.4 kV cable line – 2000 m

Challenges or problems solved: Taking into consideration the project scope and specifics, biggest challenge during the project implementation was introduction of constant project changes from the customer, therefore efficient, well-considered planning and supervising of works were of essence in the project implementation, as well as the communication with customer and involved planners introducing the changes in the project. Currently due to successful cooperation with the customer and planners all existing problems until now was successfully solved and we are continuing successful project implementation.

Project advantages, benefits: City center will be relieved from the transporting of coal via railway, resulting in the reduced pollution of coal dust in the center of Riga and improved environmental quality in the city.

Commentaries of project implementer: We are proud that SIA „Latvijas Energoceltnieks” was given an opportunity to repeatedly participate in the development of project „Krievu Island” and our name is being placed among the project team of this large-scale project that is very important for the development of Riga City and improving of the environmental quality. .

Customer reviews: Both in terms of timeline and work fulfillment quality JSC „A.C.B.” is completely satisfied with the performance of SIA „Latvijas Energoceltnieks” in the implementation of this project, we are successfully continuing cooperation also in other projects, for example, currently we started the construction of power networks in the project „Salu Bridge II Stage”. .

Other specifics, technologies or remarks: In the course of the project we mostly performed standard works and applied well-known technologies, but beyond the standard procedures we also performed the moving of the lightning pole with the height reaching 28 meters and it also included the concrete works of new foundations. Before concrete works of new foundations we performed several vibration measurements both in the places piles were installed and impact of the background vibration  (movement of passenger cars, operation of the piles drills, movement of  Tallink ferry in Daugava) during the piles drilling period to ascertain it’s impact on the pier. These are not our everyday operations but it definitely was an exciting experience.

Project value: 1 143 341.16 EUR