Kurzemes loks

Main client AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls”
Time 2018–2019
Country Latvia
Involvement construction of entirely new overhead electrical power line from Ventspils to Riga.

During the period from 2018 to 2019, “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” reconstructed 110 kV electrical power line in the section Ventspils–Tume–Riga (Imanta). Total construction length of the route, including the tapping, is around 214 kilometres, and the number of constructed supports are 711, out of which in the 103.866 km long route “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” built 309 beddings of the supports and supports. One of the challenges of the project is construction of the line in private properties where the landowner, possibly, does not desire the construction of larger line than existing or the new line. As we implemented the project alongside the existing 110 kV power line (EPL) routes, (next to or along the existing 110 EPL route), we offered and implemented various solutions in order not to interrupt the power supply for the clients. One of project benefits is that the company is its planner and constructor. It means that we offered the best solutions and innovations to the client to achieve the highest work quality.

In the project SIA “Latvijas Energoceltnieks” performed the following works:

  • Participation in the technical 110/330 kV project development and coordination;
  • Informing the land owners about the planned project and, if necessary, solving of problems for the implementation of the project together with the main client;
  • Development and coordination of the crossing communications (20 kV, 10 kV and lower voltage, connection cable etc.) reconstruction projects;
  • Logging (expansion of the existing route, cutting of the new route, in case of necessity preparation of the inventory files);
  • Construction of 110/330 kV beddings of the supports;
  • Installation of the industrially manufactured concrete foundations;
  • Installation of monolith foundations;
  • Construction of the foundation piles and construction of the grid foundation above the piles;
  • Assembling of 110/330 kV supports (assembling of steel constructions);
  • Assembling of 110/330 kV insulators and disconnecting insulators;
  • Full circle reconstruction of the crossing objects (20 kV, 10 kV and lower voltage, connection cables etc.);
  • 110/330 kV wire assembling and fastening of wires in the supports;
  • Arch assembling;
  • Assembling of vibration suppressors;
  • Connection of loop in the anchor supports;
  • Assembling of lightning protection wire cable;
  • Assembling of OPGW wire cable;
  • Assembling of OPGW wire cable connection coupling and construction of connection in the substation;
  • Construction of different switching in the 110 kV and 20 kV network;
  • Summarizing and submission of the documentation after the fulfilment of a particular phase or stage;
  • Development, coordination of the plans and submission in the State Land Registry.