Sweden’s Largest Wind Farm

LEC has embarked on a project at Sweden’s largest wind power plant, laying 33kv cable lines more than 50 km and connecting the wind turbines to a substation – the first such project in the company’s history. Sweden’s largest wind farm is located in the country’s far north, with mountainous terrain made up of several layers of earth, which posed an extra work challenge. The works started in October 2019 and are projected to end in summer 2020. By embarking on this and other projects outside Latvia, the company continues to pursue its commitment to expand its scope of international projects, especially, in Scandinavia.

Limited liability company ‘’Latvijas Energoceltnieks’’ has entered the largest Latvian company TOP500

The top 500 of the largest Latvian companies is a daily newspaper business and an edition of inormation tecgnology company Lursoft IT.
Limited Liability Company Latvijas Energoceltnieks is experiencing strong growth in German growing broadband network installation market as well as in North European energy transmission markets. This will be the trend also in coming years.
Latvijas Energoceltnieks is one of the Skonto Group compamies listed in the db.lv TOP 500 which summarizes the largest companies in Latvia in terms of net turnover in 2018, as well as ranking by region and sector. SIA ‘’Latvijas Energoceltnieks’’ increasing its turnover by 7,31% from 2017, ranks 149th on the list with a turnover of 56,95 million euros. Cogratulations the company with good performance in 2018 and wish further growth.